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Today, rehabilitative service providers have to do more than just be in the business of delivering and managing your rehab services. Summit Care is committed to being more than a provider. We partner with Lifespan Communities, Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care Communities, Post-Acute Rehab and Hospitals to bring a continuum of individualized care. Our innovative and forward thinking programs were developed to work alongside your team and enhance the daily lives of your residents. We deliver individualized programs to our partners that are specific to their residents’ needs.  

Whether you’re interested in expanding your business potential, eliminating internal cost centers or switching to a new provider altogether, Summit’s experienced management team provides your company with a lynch pin for success. During the initial Discovery phase, all of the following competencies are explored:

Therapy Continuum PT, OT, SLP, Aquatic Marketing, Billing (Rehab Optima Platform), Financial Forecasting, Recruitment Assistance

In addition, a short, medium and long-term plan is outlined with corresponding measurement metrics at selected milestones. This map for success provides accountability for all involved.

To create a strong business image, our marketing services are provided in your facility under your name. We will assist your staff in using proven marketing strategies to grow your company and our partnership. With this assistance, our combined services will be appealing to doctors, discharge planners, managed healthcare and other groups within your community. By using your name only, Summit’s on-site program will lead to new referral sources, increased occupancy, improved profits and a greater market share for operation.

Employee Enrichment

Our specially designed workplace-improvement programs are a great way to make your working environment reach its optimum level. Our highly-trained staff includes ergonomics, occupational healthcare instruction and hands-on training in an effort to maximize your facility’s productivity.

Summit standards are continuously updated and checked against national comparison standards so our product and your workplace never lag behind the times. Your employees will be trained based on their individual profile and the type of work they perform.

And, your financial return is second to none. We provide ancillary costs for Medicare, Medicaid and Managed Care reimbursement. As your program grows, the ancillary portion of costs will increase in proportion to overall growth. This increase should allow your company to divert money away from routine operating into ancillary costs.